Day 146 – Camping on 6

Apparently the hotel is fully booked. I checked. I assumed it had something to do with the fact that they have been renovating, but apparently that is on halt over the holiday season as well. So that means all the rooms are actually full. With people. In all of them.

Some part of me wants to go down the hallway and check, but I think I’ll be polite and not disturb the other guests.

I was also told that part of the halt has something to do with the owners being unsure about the renovation. The original décor features lots of rich red carpeting and a certain Victorian sense of style. The renovation has been re-doing rooms in a modern collection of greys and browns, smaller tables, simpler kitchens. Apparently the owners prefer the more traditional look.

I’m not sure I agree either way; I think they should go even further and put different décor in every room. The rooms are already eclectically different in layout. Make it a feature. Make every room special and distinct. But that’s just me.

I have a Different Balcony again
I have a Different Balcony again

So today I find myself on level 6 at the top of the hotel with my donuts and Tonic. I have no internal balcony; I have an external one again. It’s a tall large room, but broken up with some separator walls. Last time I was on level 6 I had one big cave-like room which made the bed feel a lot less cozy than it could be.