Day 215 – Lethargy

Have you ever had a day where you had plans, plans you were looking forward to, but when the day came you just didn’t have the energy or willpower to do anything? Yep, that’s me today.

I intended to spend some time at Wet’n’Wild today; the temperature was okay and the rain just heavy enough to keep everyone else away. But first I didn’t want to wake up when my alarm went off. Then I just wanted a coffee to sip on till I felt human. And then I just didn’t want to do anything. Holly and Steven made it sound like a day I shouldn’t have missed.

For penance I forced myself to wash clothes and clean the floors.
Although even that came slowly.

So my sole achievement for today is finally finishing the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. It was a satisfying end to an amazing series, but I suspect I’ll be struggling with the symptoms I heard many describe on Twitter in the aftermath. Like a million eyeballs cried out in despair and then were suddenly aimless.

In April what’s alleged is the last season of Mad Men will start.
And in July the third and last season of Newsroom will kick off.

By the end of this year I think I’m going to need a new hobby, because the networks are systematically erasing my current one. Maybe this’ll be a year to start creating and not just consuming.

If I can find the willpower.

Day 86 – Hot Hot Hot

I feel too sluggish today to put together a header image for this post. Today was the first really hot day of our Sydney summer. I hear it peaked at 39 degrees, and I have no trouble believing it.

It wasn’t too warm when I got to work this morning, so by the time lunch came around I had forgotten about the forecast. I was planning to walk to lunch, which lasted the minute it takes me to walk from my desk to the external door. The blast of hot air that greeted me there immediately redirected me to the car.

The other side-effect of warm weather is that it makes gym classes much tougher and more draining. But on the upside, the heat generally leaves my muscles feel better after the session. As long as there’s a nice shower waiting for me when I get home, I’ll take the trade-off.

I missed my coffee stop on the way home by minutes I think. I always hold on to that idle hope that maybe I’ll get there on time on the Thursday. Sometimes I cheat on Michel’s with Coffee Guru when that happens, but again, the heat made me reconsider the necessity of getting coffee.

They really should have a home-delivered-coffee service. It would be so awesome. And so bad for my health. 😉