So Much to Do


Next week contains an interstate trip for work, which usually makes the week somewhat hectic. I’m hoping to get one or two things out-of-the-way for work today:

  • Read “Virtual Team Success” for work training sessions
  • Work through the “Virtual Teams” workbook that goes with aforementioned training
  • Make some preparations for the peer-education sessions I’m trying to set up within the development team
  • Read up a bit more on Atlassian products so I have the details straight


And then the usual chores for the weekend:

  • Floors: vacuum & mop
  • Laundry: probably two loads
  • Litter Tray: get hazmat suit, clean tray, hose self down


And I am hoping I can find a little time to play around with the new 6D to figure out where all the controls and settings are.

And I had hoped to play through Alan Wake as well, and perhaps another round or two of Binding of Isaac.

But first, most importantly, I go and get my coffee.