Day 219 – Sleeeeeeeeep

On the positive side, my migraine is gone today. There is nothing worse than a migraine.

Except perhaps sleeping very poorly?

I was so happy that the migraine was over last night. I set my alarm for an early start at 7:00, I went to bed at about 23:30. It should have been fine. Except for the growing panic around 1:00 when I was still awake and rolling over and over and over.

I think I slept for maybe 4-5 hours, and I’ve felt like a zombie all day. I still feel very tired right now, and I’m starting to get sleepy. But weirdly, when pushing through a day this weird adrenaline thing happens where although tired I cannot sleep any more. It’s probably not healthy.

I’ll also want to briefly double-check everything I did at work when I get in tomorrow just to make sure I didn’t just think I did it right. It’s a bit like being drunk, but without the pleasant furry feeling of alcohol in the bloodstream.

I had another thought just now, but it escaped.
If you see a stray thought, please put it under a glass and leave a note.
I’ll look on the counter when I wake up.


Day 76 – Migraine

There is clearly something very wrong with me, and I’m not talking about the migraine I have.

My first thought looking at the glass of water and two Panadol on the night stand was to adjust the glass to improve the composition so I could take a decent shot for today’s post (see header image on homepage).

And with that, I’m going to go back to bed.

Later world!