Day 196 – Blah Blah, Something

I need to write a quick post about today, but I’m not sure exactly what I have done today. Reality was fairly boring, but I’ll let you decide…

I clearly would have woken up at 5:30am and had my usual morning porridge with raisins. I may have added some banana on this occasion in preparation for 3 hours of Tai Chi. (Actual reality: wake up at 9am, roll over, wake up again at 10am, read phone and get up).

Next there would have been a knock at the door from the neighbours whose house was on fire, requiring help evacuating their 217.3 cats. (Actual reality: use allergy sprays, grab sunglasses and Kindle, go over for a coffee and a few chapters).

Then I grabbed my astrophysics and quantum mechanics books to do some light reading and invent a way to harness the power of artificial black holes to power our cities. (Actual reality: check Facebook, check Twitter, read my RSS feed).

Continue work on my 6m x 3m painting of Hannibal crossing the mountains in the medium of breakfast toppings, and composing a Sonata for garbage bins and distressed crickets. (Actual reality: get ready for gym to walk on treadmill for an hour followed by a V Core session… ouch).

Create a fat-free-sugar-free dessert that adequately substitutes for dark-choc-chilli-double-cream ice cream. (Actual reality: help with filling out of official forms on a website asking stupid invasive questions).

Watch a stupid dog video on YouTube. (Actual reality: watch a stupid dog video on YouTube)

I’ll do better tomorrow.