Day 173 – Introspective Splash

I had a very introspective morning. I didn’t do my usual Sunday-morning Yoga, because my favourite Yoga instructor is on holidays herself till next week. But I couldn’t break with my relaxing coffee-and-a-book routine.

I expanded on it a bit this time though. So early into the new year I decided I really needed to figure out my plans for the coming year. Continuous Improvement for my personal life so to speak. So I took my Kindle, my notebook and my orange pen out to Michel’s, found a good seat in the shade outside, and spent 2-3 hours alternating between reading and thinking/writing.

I have an outline of what I want now I think.
I just need to still work out how to get it.
The easy bit… right?

I had kinda thought my whole day might end up introspective, but going to Wet’n’Wild with my gym-buddy-Holly fixed that pretty quickly. It’s very hard to be introspective sitting on what is essentially nothing more than a rubber tire, hurtling down a water-slide seemingly intent on tossing us over an edge somewhere.

It was fun though. And I got to do a few more slides that I hadn’t had a chance to try before yet. And as of yet, Holly hasn’t tricked me into the scariest one of the lot yet.

Long queues though, but very worth it.

Now, hopefully my body is not merely bruised, but also tired enough to fall asleep before the introspection returns and keeps me awake.

Day 169 – 2014

Time just whooshed by last night.

We almost missed the fireworks on TV because everyone was so engrossed in their cocktails and conversation. We missed the start of the fireworks, and nobody quite understood what was up with the eye on the bridge. But never mind.

I didn’t get to bed till about 4:30am, only to wake around 8am with a headache. Steady intake of water through the day seems to have mostly resolved that; with a bit of luck I’ll be in fully functioning shape by tomorrow for work.

I haven’t given much thought to plans for the year yet, so I couldn’t say whether there are any resolutions to chase. I guess I’ll work that out when I’m on leave later this month.

I can’t wait to find out what change this year brings.

Actually, I have one resolution handy. Have more parties. Because last night was fun, and I think more of the same would be very welcome.

Day 168 – Cocktails for All!

It has been a while since there’s been a cocktail party at casa-de-Bronte, and although it’s a relatively modestly sized party for New Years’ Eve, it is hopefully a kick-start to slightly more frequent and larger gatherings through 2014.

All Stocked Up
All Stocked Up

Call it a trial balloon to check if the bar is sufficiently stocked.
To dust off the recipe books.
To enjoy together.

To that end, I already have some new years resolutions lined up:

  • Re-do the kitchen to be more crowd-friendly
  • Replace horrible carpet with wooden floors
  • Replace old lounge with something new
  • Paint, polish, de-clutter

I guess I should add this to my ever-growing projects list in the side-bar.