Day 156 – Going Swimming

I bought myself a Wet’n’Wild Gold Pass early on when the park was first advertising availability. I like the idea of somewhere nearby with water that I can go to, to relax.

I missed out on the preview days before the park opened on the 12th, on account of being in Melbourne at the time. Since returning I haven’t really had time to go yet.

I’m hoping to remedy this tomorrow.
They are open till 11pm.
The weather forecast indicates 40+ during the day, going to 28-ish in the evening.

This all sounds perfect for having a look around the park. I don’t even need the water-slides so much the first trip; just bobbing around in some water will do, and not thinking of anything else.

I wish I could come back with pictures tomorrow night, but alas… modern society has decided that taking a camera into a water park is tantamount to pornography, so just words will have to do. We live in sad sad times.

Day 144 – Animal Farming

Visitors from overseas are always a great excuse to go do the simple local things you otherwise never get around to. Today we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park to touch All The Animals.

I had a great time practising my photography. Most picture turned out remarkably well. Enjoy the wildlife extravaganza below!

And now I am tired from a day of standing and walking and being in the sun. So clearly, it’s time for baking a Gingerbread House now.

I’m gunna be so tired tonight!

Day 40 – Photos on the River

I am still not entirely satisfied with the sharpness of my shots at full resolution. One day I’m going to print out a shot at poster-size and want all my pixels to look sharp dammit! 🙂

But I had a fun day at the river near Penrith.

Models in my shots: Ken, Abbey, Bronte, the Crowd, some Ducks.


Day 32 – Missed It by That Much

I went out for a long walk through the park. I wore my walking shoes. I brought the tripod. And then I barely used it… I think I may have one or two sharp images in the following collection, but I guess the focus of today’s lesson was elsewhere.

I shot all the following pictures with the 24-105mm lens, in Auto-mode, but with manual focus. I didn’t adjust the eyepiece beforehand, and I probably should have. Still, it was good practice overall.

I walked enough to get up to 8588 steps as well… so there’s that.