Day 315 – Who Needs a Kitchen Anyway?

51 – 100 Kitchen Designs

…speaking of kitchen renovations…

100 d├ęcor / design ideas and not a single one really jumps out and grabs me. Not that I’ll let that stop me from a renovation; it just means I’ll have to make it all up as I go along instead.
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Day 24 – Three-legged Night

I came back from Melbourne tonight. Melbourne had some weather, so the plane was late to arrive and hence late to leave. I was sufficiently late that I missed the opportunity to share a taxi. My driver was very extroverted when I was just feeling tired. I wonder if it is rude not to talk to the driver.

Once home and unpacked and caught up on 3 days of missed Internets, it seemed like a good idea to go out and take some night pictures with the tripod and camera remote. I was curious if I could get somewhat sharp shots as well.

They aren’t perfect, but they are a lot closer than my last attempts. I’ve read a little, and it seems the book-tips work:

  • Always use a tripod
  • Always use a remote
  • Always use low ISO with longer exposure

These are all always-es with asterisk-ses.

Art on the Lake
Art on the Lake

We drove down into a new estate where random neighbourhood art just happens. There were ducks in the lake, but I couldn’t think of a way to capture them in the available light. One of them sounded a bit strangled as we walked away from the ramp.

Along the Waterline
Along the Waterline

In the opposite direction I thought I’d see if I could get a sharp shot of the chain-link fence. I think I managed pretty well I think. I was hoping the clouds wouldn’t come out as light, but I couldn’t have the rest of the image without the clouds. Alas!

A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park

And finally, a path through a park dotted with lights. I was hoping to get the trees on either side sharp, but I seem to have failed in that. It would have made a nice frame in the middle of the shot had I succeeded. Still, it’s not a bad shot.

And of course, the header shot.

Which is the umbrella roundabout in the new estate as well. That one came out much better than I thought it would. I took a few shots and picked one without blurred cars. I worried having anything outside the umbrellas might ruin the picture, but I think it actually works better with some of the surrounds.