Day 110 – Gale-Force Coffee

I like my lazy Sundays.

I slept in till 9am. Well, almost… I woke at 8:30am, confused at why my alarm had not gone off yet. I don’t often feel as rested in the mornings as I did this morning.

I took my time getting ready for Yoga. Class starts at 10:30, so plenty of time. A quick check on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. And a quick shower, which feels odd when I’m only going to get sweaty again, but I just don’t feel right if I don’t have one before I start.

The class was very full this morning. I’m not sure what happened, other than my suspicion that a few of the regulars brought friends. A class that normally consists of 15-ish people was crammed with over 30. Not a big problem, except for a few of the stretches where there wasn’t quite enough room.

I have felt nicely stretched all day.

And then on the way home I always stop for a coffee outside with my Kindle.

I got through 3 chapters, as I built up a nice healthy glow from the hot seemingly gale-force winds sweeping through the outside seating. To be honest it felt kinda nice; as hot as the breeze was it felt cooling as it ruffled through my hair.

As Sansa was learning the finer points of manipulation from Petyr, my coffee nearly took off from its saucer. I spent some time carefully arranging my possessions so that the heaviest were on top of the lightest. Miraculously the dusted chocolate on top of my cappuccino didn’t end up all over my blue shirt.

As Ahsa was manoeuvring to get support for her claim, various parts of the outside seating started flying. One divider toppled, and a few more threatened to follow suit. The ash trays were starting to gain lift, and the containers of sugar packets were rolling around on the floor. A couple of employees ended up dashing around to tidy away anything that might move.

And finally, as Cersei attended a wedding and set a bonfire, Carolyn walked past me and mused aloud whether I’d need tethering to my chair so as not to fly off myself. I don’t think I’m quite that light, but I told her I appreciated the implicit compliment.

The breeze was starting to get uncomfortably warm by this time, so I decided to head home. But not without another cappuccino. I was briefly tempted to sit down again when my order initially got written down as another mug… but the house needed me to clean it. *sigh*

Day 74 – Lazy Day… Really

Today I feel completely lazy.

Most of the day I have been very passive, and still my eyes feel like I should be sleeping instead. I know they are lying, because I napped for at least an hour and half in the middle of the day. And I actually slept plenty last night.

The day even started late with my morning coffee at 11-ish. I got some new nasal spray to deal with the inevitable fallout of a windy day like this. It makes my hay fever flare up, but I’m all set now.

Two episodes of Breaking Bad season 3 didn’t do much for my activity level either. And then I spent an hour in bed reading A Song of Ice and Fire part 319, whilst trying to stare out the window for wandering passers-by. This is when I fell asleep, so if there were any wanderers, I probably missed them.

And now I’m sitting at my computer procrastinating and daydreaming.

I need to do something for my energy levels.

Maybe I should go for a walk soon and see if that kick-starts my brain into doing something. Otherwise I’m afraid this day will just be a lazy write-off.

Kindle in the Sunshine

I relaxed today with my copy of A Song of Ice and Fire on the Kindle. I decided rather than just collapsing on the bed it would be nice to leave the house and read in the sunshine, so I did…

So Much to Do


Next week contains an interstate trip for work, which usually makes the week somewhat hectic. I’m hoping to get one or two things out-of-the-way for work today:

  • Read “Virtual Team Success” for work training sessions
  • Work through the “Virtual Teams” workbook that goes with aforementioned training
  • Make some preparations for the peer-education sessions I’m trying to set up within the development team
  • Read up a bit more on Atlassian products so I have the details straight


And then the usual chores for the weekend:

  • Floors: vacuum & mop
  • Laundry: probably two loads
  • Litter Tray: get hazmat suit, clean tray, hose self down


And I am hoping I can find a little time to play around with the new 6D to figure out where all the controls and settings are.

And I had hoped to play through Alan Wake as well, and perhaps another round or two of Binding of Isaac.

But first, most importantly, I go and get my coffee.