Day 62 – A Day Without Strain

Last week, I decided to make this a long weekend to allow me to use my birthday gift voucher for Face Of Man in the city.

But first, a visit to my masseuse.

It’s amazing how much my back tightens up after a visit to Melbourne. It could just be the general strain of my classes at the gym, but I’m sure the uneven load in the form of a messenger bag and a backpack that I use to travel is probably not doing my back any favours either.

Still, an hour with nothing else on my mind but to relax while my knots get prodded forcefully fixes that very quickly.

If Only It Were Always This Quiet
If Only It Were Always This Quiet

And then after quickly grabbing a coffee it was time to catch a train into the city. I can heartily recommend travelling in the early afternoon. None of this congestion that I always hear so much about.

The sky had been looking gloomy all morning (it looks like the weather can be relied on to be cold and wet when I take a day off), and as I was halfway to Sydney it started raining down very heavily.

I have no umbrella.

I Should Have Brought an Umbrella
I Should Have Brought an Umbrella

One look out of the Queen Victoria Building made me realise I’d be better off first covering the distance inside the building out of the rain. Only to discover at the other end that a true downpour had developed in the three minutes it took me to cover the distance.

Luckily I had some time up my sleeve to wait out the worst of it, but I really need some different footwear. My Nike Frees are more permeable than I would have liked… the price I pay for the most comfortable 3.0 model. Basically, as I start walking my feet pick up just enough water on the soles that it sloshed in through the mesh fabric where it then slowly soaks into my socks. And I wasn’t even on my way home yet! 🙁

And It Was Pouring...
And It Was Pouring…

I got to my appointment in time though, and I opted for lasers. I have very sensitive skin on my neck, and it really doesn’t like shaving much. Removing the hair permanently stings badly, but in the long run it’s less painful than scraping off the skin with a razor on a semi-regular basis.

They adjust the strength of the laser based on skin type and hair colour. Luckily I’m very white, and my hair is still very dark. That’s the best combination, because the point is to expose the hair itself to so much intense heat that the follicle burns out without burning the skin. Even so, I wasn’t supposed to expose my skin to sunlight right after (hah! I guess the rain was good for something after all!)

It may need another couple of treatments after this to sort the problem permanently, but with each lasering it should be thinner and easier to shave.

Day 44 – Lost My Legs

Tonight I was in my second Pump class since my long streak of horrendously missed classes. Last week I took it a bit easy on myself, but this week surely I’d be back up to full speed, right?


I think the squats and lunges killed my legs. As I came out of the class I worried I was going to stumble and collapse in front of Holly. You can never show weakness to gym buddies because they are merciless 😉

And there’s some good news there… sounds like she’ll be able to keep up her gym habit for a while longer. She’s keen to throw some cycling on top of the weights classes, and I never say no to a challenge, so here we go!

I just may end up draped on the couch a bit more often.

Not that this is a bad thing either. Just letting everything relax with the dull ache of the exercise still in my legs feels just great to me. I guess it’s that natural exercise high.

I’ll sleep well in any case.

Day 38 – Long Weekend

Today is the first day of the rest of my long weekend. I’d been meaning to take a few days off, but my work calendar just kept filling up. So when I saw a relatively clear Friday and Monday appear, I decided to book a 4 day weekend without any planning for what I was going to do.

So, I’m making it up as I go along.

I started today with a massage at 11. My back keeps knotting up apparently, unbeknownst to my brain. It may have something to do with not getting to the gym often enough. Which may have something to do with all the initiatives I’m trying to juggle at work, so maybe I need to take it a little easier with that as well when I get back on Tuesday.

Anyway, 45 minutes later, I am standing tall and loose and strolling to Michel’s for a coffee. It’s strange how gravity feels lighter after letting go of the weight. It’s obviously largely psychological, but no less effective for it.

You can see my next challenge in the header image.

Next, I shall be focusing considerable time and attention on my strawberry-jam scone, my coffee, and a few episodes of Breaking Bad.

Day 27 – Poirot & Pistachios

I am afraid I didn’t particularly feel like being interesting today. After a day at work filled with dozens of little defeats and victories, I felt nothing much more than to sit down on the lounge and do… nothing.

And I did very little more than that.

Dinner and a Snack
Dinner and a Snack

Dinner was a delicious combination of chicken, ham and pineapple on a little mountain of rice. And while we ate, we watched Hercule Poirot solve The Mystery of the Blue Train. The reveal was a little funny; in a nod to self-awareness, they commented on the usually drawn-out way in which Poirot draws out every possible suspect and then clears them, until finally revealing the criminal.

By that time I had well and truly moved on to the pistachios as I am wont to do.

No Pistachios for You!
No Pistachios for You!

It’s amazing how easily I can go through handfuls of them whilst my mind engages with the television. I’m not even going to check in yesterday’s post how bad all those pistachios were for me.

I’d rather not know.

I’ll “worry” again tomorrow.