Day 239 – And A Show

Tonight was delicious.

We had walked all the way along the river till we ran out of riverside restaurants. Only to spot a spiral staircase leading up to even more options. We selected the very first at that stage.

Apparently there was a show on somewhere, because we got asked several times if we wanted the 3 Course Meal that everyone was having before their performance. I still do not know what was on; I just know we didn’t go to it.

We did choose the Three Course Meal though. I had the cottage cheese/beetroot starter. Trout with the most delicious sauce and a zesty salad with sweet mango pieces. And crème brûlée for dessert. The portions were just the right size and absolutely delicious.

Heading back along the river we were then treated to a surprise show over the river.

I still do not know what the occasion was, but it was a nice way to end the evening.

Day 40 – Photos on the River

I am still not entirely satisfied with the sharpness of my shots at full resolution. One day I’m going to print out a shot at poster-size and want all my pixels to look sharp dammit! 🙂

But I had a fun day at the river near Penrith.

Models in my shots: Ken, Abbey, Bronte, the Crowd, some Ducks.