Day 287 – … And Other Nonesense

79 – Top 100 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Of course… conspiracies are conspiracies are conspiracies. But most baffling I find conspiracies that are provably wrong with cold hard facts.

Some of the items on the list, although conspiracies, at least have the potential of being true albeit extremely unlikely and therefore needing extremely strong evidence to support their extraordinary claim. Hitler could have faked his own death I suppose, but we all know he didn’t, right?

I find the conspiracies that are just blatantly stupid much more interesting. How do people believe some of these things? Why are we not teaching people to think? Come-on, this stuff really isn’t all that hard…

92 – Atmosphere on the Moon

Because what could make more sense than to think that the dark side of the moon hides lush vegetation and human life? Because, you know… we cannot see that side of the moon. And if we cannot see it, anything could be there. And if anything could be there, it could be purple zebras and unicorns. Therefore, it only makes sense that the government is hiding purple zebras and unicorns from us.

Okay… take a deep breath… (unless you’re on the moon)

We’ve been to the moon.
We’ve roved around.
We know how physics works.

There is no atmosphere there people.

75 – Inside of Earth is Hollow

I like this one. Not only is the headline statement ridiculous to even contemplate…

The detail takes it up another notch; “Some people contend that the earth is really hollow inside and that there are 1400 mile diameter entrances at the north and south poles.” … uh… what?

I think…
…someone would have noticed…
…if there were 1400 mile diameter holes in the planet.

39 – Environmentalism

No, really. This one gets better than you might suspect too.

Apparently, for some, disbelieving the negative effects we have on the environment is in itself not going far enough. Apparently, in a clever double-bluff, the government and corporations created “Environmentalism”, only to then try to disprove its need, and simultaneously profiting off selling environmental products to the masses.

I guess it’s a very clever way to make sure you win no matter which side of the argument wins.

8 – Reptilians Rule the World

I heard of David Icke while I was studying in university. I thought someone was making a joke about him. Apparently not.

I have to admit, it’s a compelling story. And one very successfully executed by “V”. But that doesn’t make it true.

Day 286 – Healthy Hogwash

80 – The 100 Greatest Cures You Cant Have

I didn’t even need to follow the link to know what I’d find at the other end. Listening to the Skeptoid podcast is a great way to develop a sixth sense about such things.

The description of the book sounds like the typical “the medical-industrial-complex is keeping back the real cures so they can profit from our sickness” nonsense. But just to be sure I went to the “Health Sciences Institute” website.

As it turns out, this site is a “service” that in exchange for a membership fee will give you access to knowledge of all the real cures Big-Pharma have been keeping from us. The author of the book also proves to helpfully be the sole director of this institute.

I have no doubt that there are many systemic problems in the US healthcare system, but I doubt that any organisation would ever hold back a real cure if it existed. Plenty of people are sick… and the competitive advantage of curing what others cannot would quickly see the release of all these supposed suppressed cures.

I also really don’t have a problem with anyone freely choosing to waste their money. But sadly this kind of scam targets low-information buyers first-and-foremost with the promise of a cheaper or better solution. And as always… the only real solution to a problem like this is to educate the population to a level where they cannot be taken in by such a scam.