Return to Old Form

I am returning to old favourites.

I have let my gym routine slide far too much over the last two-three months under the pressures of work; it’s important to do a good job, but I may have taken it a little too far. So, over my break, I am working on putting back together my exercise routine.

I have decided that Pump (weights) is not that important now. I have let some excess weight build up, and cardio is going to be my best new friend. And because my back has been suffering from a lack of flexibility as well, Yoga and Pilates are the other main pillar of my renewed routine.

I’ll have to work out how to integrate my routine with my commute to the city from Feb onwards, but I’m sure I’ll work something out.

And today was at long last the start of my own personal Wet’n’Wild season with Steven and Holly. I had been one time earlier in the season on a cold freezy day, which proved a bad plan. But so far December hadn’t been very lucky either… the weather has been too unpredictable and/or torrential. I think we vowed to work on the weekends over the coming months and get more sessions in.

I haven’t worked out any other resolutions just yet.

Day 215 – Lethargy

Have you ever had a day where you had plans, plans you were looking forward to, but when the day came you just didn’t have the energy or willpower to do anything? Yep, that’s me today.

I intended to spend some time at Wet’n’Wild today; the temperature was okay and the rain just heavy enough to keep everyone else away. But first I didn’t want to wake up when my alarm went off. Then I just wanted a coffee to sip on till I felt human. And then I just didn’t want to do anything. Holly and Steven made it sound like a day I shouldn’t have missed.

For penance I forced myself to wash clothes and clean the floors.
Although even that came slowly.

So my sole achievement for today is finally finishing the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. It was a satisfying end to an amazing series, but I suspect I’ll be struggling with the symptoms I heard many describe on Twitter in the aftermath. Like a million eyeballs cried out in despair and then were suddenly aimless.

In April what’s alleged is the last season of Mad Men will start.
And in July the third and last season of Newsroom will kick off.

By the end of this year I think I’m going to need a new hobby, because the networks are systematically erasing my current one. Maybe this’ll be a year to start creating and not just consuming.

If I can find the willpower.

Day 54 – Bunnies on the Keyboard

Dust bunnies that is.

The day has been very gloomy and dreary so far. I’ve worked (playing, shhhh!) in the study all day with the blinds wide open.

Then suddenly… the sun pokes out, streams into the room and reveals the horrible truth to me! My corner has accumulated mountains of dust since the last time I cleaned. I’m not even going to try to remember when that was.

For a moment my first thought was: arrrgh, quick, close the blinds and it’ll be all okay again.

Then my second thought was: can I just wipe the obvious dust bunnies away and forget about the rest?

In the end, Resolute Jerry won the day. I got myself a cloth and a basin of water and wiped everything down. I’m sure I’ll be grateful to myself for the next… let’s say 6 months. And then it’ll be winter and the sun won’t show the horrible truth for another 6 months.

(Or maybe I’ll try being a bit more pro-active about this… I am a manager now after all, and I hear pro-active is all the rage)

Results of my Labours
Results of my Labours