Day 282 – Novel

84 – 100 Best Novels

I like reading.
I used to read a lot more than I do now.

My routine used to involve reading a few chapters every night before falling asleep. More than once I have seen the light go on again outside when I hadn’t slept yet. The most seductive thought ever is “one more chapter won’t hurt; it’s not that late yet, and you really want to know what happens next, don’t you?”

I think work and life have conspired to deprive me of that routine. I cannot complain about what has taken the time instead, but still… I miss the reading.

Most of the reading I do at the moment happens when I am waiting for a plane, on a plane, or in Melbourne after dinner by myself in the hotel room with 2 hours to kill between 10pm and midnight. When all you have is a book, reading is what you do. Mostly.

I really love my Kindle as a vehicle for my reading. My love of reading has always seen me carrying too many books around in the past. The number of times I’d pack 3-4 hefty books on a holiday “just in case”… only to never open more than a few chapters of the first one…

With a Kindle that problem disappears. I have essentially my whole library with me if I want to.

But every upside is a downside in disguise.

I have read Ice and Fire for a while now. Without my pre-sleep routine of reading a few chapters, it has been a long slog getting through the books. I also made the mistake of purchasing the first five volumes in a single e-Book… so that percentage counter in the bottom has gone painfully slowly.

But I am winning. 95% now. Not long.

And then what?

I’m not quite sure what to read next. It has been so long since I’ve had to choose a book to read, that I cannot recall what books I have been excited about in the last two years.

The list in the link at the top might give me some ideas.

Although it’ll be a cold day in hell when I’ll actually be interested in reading Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead. They are educational, but not in a good way.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually read Catch-22, or Lord of the Flies, or The Catcher in the Rye. Maybe now is a good time. I may have to be a little careful about which classics I read after each other though. I wouldn’t want to give the NSA the wrong impression, now would I?

It’s been some time since I read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. That might be a good one to intersperse the other titles with. That’ll cover the next 2 years at least.

Day 174 – Zombie

Standing and walking and sliding is hard work. After 6-7 hours at Wet’n’Wild yesterday I was certain I was going to fall almost straight into bed and zonk out. Well, just one more game of Storm to let my mind wind down.

Alas, fate had other things for me in store.

I ended up on a late night covert mission that I cannot tell you about, or I’d have to shoot you. We shall call it “Operation Flying Squirrel”,… because I feel like it.

Operation Adorable

I was debriefed at about 2:30am, and asleep by 3:00am… only to have my alarm re-awaken me around 7:30am. I don’t normally have to function on so little sleep, but I think I did a very convincing impression of an awake human being.

Still, there are some signs.

All day at work, I was having trouble multi-tasking and keeping more than one thought in my head at a time. I’d get interrupted for a question or a comment, and then five seconds later I’d be fumbling for what I was working on right before the interruption. I don’t think this was one of my most productive days.

And then the gym…

I was dreading the gym…

But either Nikki took pity on us tonight, or somehow my lack of sleep has dulled my feeling of muscle ache. The 30 minutes she was in charge were exhausting as always, but for some reason, not really all that painful. Even now, I still feel fine. Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this on the open Internet.

All in all, a very good Friday.
Every part of it.

Oh yes, I’ve decided all the rest of the days this week are Friday. On Fridays I allow myself a coke from the fridge at work. I never drink coke other than on Fridays. It’s always a Friday when I have one… Honest. Am I fooling anyone?

Time to wind down to an early night. I want at least 8-9 hours tonight, so that I can re-do everything I did today. Alert Jerry hates the sloppy messes Tired Jerry leaves, but he’s never around to fix it himself.