Day 254 – Departure

Today was a very foodful day.

It was Jeff’s last day.
Jeff had started work at the company almost at the same time I had. I think there wasn’t more than a month between us. But after 10.5 years he was ready to find another challenge… in the form of some time off with his Steam account. It’s hard not to be envious.

But back to the food.
In the morning one of the other developers had brought in a home-made cake with cream and mashed fruit. I’m calling it breakfast. Over this aforementioned cake I took some time to “supervise” as Jeff, his wife and the graduate were setting up tables in the biggest conference room in the building.

Which brings me to food-the-second… lunch. Jeff has many-a-time organised an impromptu lunch. When the boss was up from Melbourne. When a co-worker was up from Melbourne. When it wasn’t raining. When it was raining. It really was just an excuse to get pizzas into the building (specifically an excuse for him to order a Thai Foon pizza). This time the crowd was a little larger than our usual developer-crowd. Instead of fitting 12-15 people in a room, we were looking for space for 60+. A lot of people like Jeff.

I was unusually modest in my lunch-intake; there were 6 salads, stacks of portuguese chicken, chips and I think about 8 flavours of pizza, stacked 2-4 pizzas deep in each flavour. It’s easy to get greedy when faced with that much food.

The day was rounded out with an afternoon tea-with-cake. This is that special occasion where the soon-to-be-departed is relentlessly mocked over anything and everything noteworthy during their tenure. As much as we kid about everything he touches breaking, it is really the most horrific exaggeration ever. He’s produced some amazing results over the years, and if not for him, the most recent project wouldn’t have gone anywhere as smoothly as it did.

It’s a great loss to us… but the only alternative to keep him I could think of was to sedate him and chain him up in the basement.
I’m told this is unethical.