Day 180 – Adventures of Lobster-Boy

I bet everyone is getting really sick of hearing about Wet’n’Wild by now. Today was mostly about the park though; my leave has just started and my friends’ leave is just about to end, so this was the last day of overlap where we could just not care.

I applied my 50+ sunscreen in the morning, which is supposed to last 4 hours with water-resistance. And I re-applied it about halfway through my 7 hour visit. Clearly these things do not work according to the label… at least not for me.

For some reason Holly came out only slightly pink on her chest where she apparently always burns, and Steven was lathered up ghost-like with a complete-sun-block.

I was not as lucky…

My Back is a Little Pink
My Back is a Little Pink

Abbey and Lexi have banned me from the outside world tomorrow, so I guess that’s a good way to make some progress on my other goals for the holidays. *sheepish look* They relished applying the icy-cold Aloe Vera gel over the top of my burns, and I really don’t feel like I have a right to complain about the shiver-inducing effect.

I think I’m due for re-application, but this post takes precedence. Or at least that’s my excuse.

I’ll see how it develops, because I now still have a massage booked for 9am tomorrow, but whether or not that is a good idea is debatable at this stage. But maybe more applications will bring the pink down another degree.

Probably wishful thinking.

A Very Silly Boy
A Very Silly Boy (with Raccoon Eyes)

It doesn’t feel as painful from the inside as it looks from the outside. I can assure you, because it looks painful to me too when I look at these pictures.

Hopefully I can avoid peeling too badly.
But even that’d be just desserts at this stage.

Day 178 – So Tired

… but in the good way!

I braved the biggest slides tonight to separate my last work day from my holiday. And all it took was some serious egging-on from Holly. It was… an experience.

But it was also very good.
Now my system is crashing though, and I need sleep.
I could try to fight it, but I think nature will win.

And an early gym class tomorrow, so I better get at least some sleep so that I can make it through my cardio. And then tidying; lots of tidying, because after that I’ll feel even better about doing nothing next.

Day 175 – Wet’n’Cold = Awesome

Just a quickie today because I want to rug up on the lounge and watch TV with some dinner… I’m a bit chilled from the end of my adventure this evening.

I decided to find out whether the crowd really disappears at Wet’n’Wild when the weather is less hospitable. 22 Degrees. Overcast. Light breeze. Perfect.

It turns out, this is very effective. If you have a pass, and you want a solid day of water-slides under your belt, the best thing to do is to suck up the shivers and go for it. When I arrived at the park at about 7pm, there were virtually no queues on any of the slides.

The racers were running only 4 out of 8 tubes, and I could run straight up to the top. The tower with the purple rafts only had a queue on the blue slide; green had maybe two groups waiting at the top, and red had literally no queue at all… literally; we saw 2-3 rafts fill on blue and green each, and in that time nobody showed up for the red slide.

Even the major slides with normally the biggest queues didn’t have a long line. We found ourselves in the longest line, which took all of 15 minutes. The blue slide (no thanks!) had people running straight all the way to the top, and the red slide had a queue of about 3-4 rafts waiting at the top.

The only down-side; once it gets dark, it gets too cold very quickly.

Still, my recommendation if you have a season pass; go on a cold day for the slides. On a day like today you can easily get in 5-10 rides an hour depending on which slide you pick. On sunny days the big three at the front have queues that can take 50-60 minutes to go once.

And when you want to go for a relax and a tan, pick a sunny day and arrive early if you want a space on the lawn near the beach. Sunny days are always packed.

Day 173 – Introspective Splash

I had a very introspective morning. I didn’t do my usual Sunday-morning Yoga, because my favourite Yoga instructor is on holidays herself till next week. But I couldn’t break with my relaxing coffee-and-a-book routine.

I expanded on it a bit this time though. So early into the new year I decided I really needed to figure out my plans for the coming year. Continuous Improvement for my personal life so to speak. So I took my Kindle, my notebook and my orange pen out to Michel’s, found a good seat in the shade outside, and spent 2-3 hours alternating between reading and thinking/writing.

I have an outline of what I want now I think.
I just need to still work out how to get it.
The easy bit… right?

I had kinda thought my whole day might end up introspective, but going to Wet’n’Wild with my gym-buddy-Holly fixed that pretty quickly. It’s very hard to be introspective sitting on what is essentially nothing more than a rubber tire, hurtling down a water-slide seemingly intent on tossing us over an edge somewhere.

It was fun though. And I got to do a few more slides that I hadn’t had a chance to try before yet. And as of yet, Holly hasn’t tricked me into the scariest one of the lot yet.

Long queues though, but very worth it.

Now, hopefully my body is not merely bruised, but also tired enough to fall asleep before the introspection returns and keeps me awake.

Day 171 – Contemplating Holidays

Holidays have a habit of flying past.
I don’t like the sound that particular “deadline” makes as it whooshes by

And there are plenty of things I’d like to do (more) of over my 3 weeks off:

  • The projects in my sidebar
  • A trip down the coast at the beach
  • More photography
  • More/different gym classes
  • More Wet’n’Wild
  • More time with (new?) friends
  • More reading
  • More writing
  • … and then some

I don’t think I have enough time for all of it. But I should make sure I fit in a decent mix of everything. I want to avoid ending the holiday feeling there are too many things I completely didn’t touch on.

I think I should put together a “balanced diet” in my activities to neither end up with a sugary entertainment high and subsequent crash, nor an over-self-improvement hangover.

Day 170 – Dinner and a Show

Tonight I went to Wet’n’Wild with some friends… after work and the gym. You could call it a bit of a packed day. Had a great time trying a few more of the slides. I don’t quite have a complete set yet, but I’m working on it.

Maybe I’ll manage to complete the set tomorrow?

There was only one hiccup all night. The racer slides had a bit of a mishap when someone got stuck halfway down… we theorized that they might have lost momentum by not keeping the front of their mat pulled up inside the tube. Trust me, that sentence actually makes sense…

Everything else worked out brilliantly though.

Dinner and a Show
Dinner and a Show

And when it gets dark, they turn on the light-show on the various slides. I hadn’t had dinner yet before heading out, so I took the opportunity to sit down with a burger and some chips and watch the people come by with the flashing lights in the background.

Anyone else up for a day in the water? 🙂

Day 166 – Slightly Crispy

The holiday season definitely is a time to let out all the bad habits.

My scales aren’t as happy with me as they should be. Christmas has caused me to gain a kilo that I really didn’t want back. But it was completely worth it.

I am a little concerned over how much chocolate is still sitting around tempting me. On the one hand I just want to go and eat it all and have it be over. On the other, I’m challenging myself to spread out the eating to avoid the worst side-effects of a chocolate overdose. I’m really not sure if one approach or the other is particularly better.

Today, I added skin-abuse to the mix. I was in the sun. With my 50+ sunscreen on. And completely distracted from re-applying.

I’m a little red and crispy in places, but thankfully not too badly on the inside of elbows or backs of knees. Those are the worst. I’m telling myself I’ll be more careful through the rest of summer, but even I do not believe myself.

I will try though. Back to the health regimen.

Day 163 – Wetter-and-Wilder

Wet’n’Wild is a lot more fun when you’re allowed into the water.

Today I spent a chunk of my afternoon back at the park; and more successfully I might add. The weather forecast was a little pessimistic, but the temperature seemed nice enough this morning. And because I’m not limited in the number of my visits, I decided I might as well go have a look; worst-case scenario I just go back home and try again another day.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for being outside. Just the right amount of cloud to keep the sun bearable.

I ended up spending about 3-4 hours at the park, and time does fly. The crowds weren’t too bad either, which helped the lines. Possibly because everyone was recovering from Christmas, or because the weather deterred most people.

And they just extended the evening hours through January, so that every day is 10am-11pm, so I think I’ll get a lot of good use out of it on my holidays.

I wonder how many people I know with season passes…

Day 157 – Dry’n’Tame

It’s the perfect park for the over-excited and overly excitable. It’s where you go when you have All The Feels, and can really only cope with 1 or maybe 2. It’s remarkable full on a Friday evening.

My timing wasn’t too great. I did consider the weather, but I hadn’t realised what impact a storm has on a water park. Apparently when there is lightning sufficiently close by they cannot run the slides or let anyone in the water. I feel sorry for the kids that arrived at the park when I did… it must have been a disappointing evening for them.

I was there to have a first look around. I have a Gold Pass membership to last me all season. I have some time to get the most out of it.

The first thing that struck me is how many kids there were after 8pm. I guess I hadn’t counted on the effect a 40 degree Friday evening might have on parents. I guess weekdays and/or Sunday nights might be quieter due to any parents that might have to go (back) to work the next day.

The second thing that struck me is that is appears to be a bit of a night-life spot as well for the younger age brackets. Again, Friday night being the key factor there I guess?

The third thing that struck me was still not lightning. It was the cabanas for rent. They have televisions in them. What kind of sad person buys access to 1 – a water park, 2 – a cabana, only to sit down on an uncomfortable lounge to watch a television at the pool?

I mean… my plan to use the lawns/seats at the wave pool to perhaps do some Kindle reading through the summer isn’t exactly what the park is for either, but seriously… television?

Having said all that, I had a good time walking and looking around though. It looks like fun when the weather doesn’t intervene. And at night they have coloured looping lights everywhere in-sync with the music that blasts everywhere too. I made all my steps for the day.

And I had a shower. Which is more of a luxury than you might imagine when one’s bathroom is in renovation.

I’ll try again soon.
I might even touch water* next time.

* I’m not counting the shower.