Day 135 – X-Ray Vision

I was really tired all day today. It’s entirely my fault; not getting to sleep before 2am is really not conducive to a productive day. I think I faked my way through most of it well enough though.

There’s one thing I don’t do well though.

Have you ever read a sentence three times in a row?
Have you ever discovered you still did not know what it said?

I was reviewing a two-page document today to give feedback and comments on the substance. First time through it took 10 minutes to read, and when I opened an email to give feedback I realised I didn’t know a word that was in the document.

When I recognise my eyes focusing through the page, I know that it’s happening. It also occurs when I’m trying to finish one-more-chapter-of-reading on the Kindle before falling asleep, when my brain has already switched off.

It took immense willpower to absorb the surface layers of the document.
I think I managed to leave the impression I might have absorbed it all.

But I still feel bad.

So, I’m writing this post early. I’m going to sit down with a sandwich and some Newsroom. And then I’m going to sleep early tonight, because I really don’t like this super-power.