Time to take this blogging thing more seriously (because I say so). Time to set myself a challenge.

I’m going to attempt writing a post every day for the next year. I will take bets on how quickly this will devolve. Please leave your money in the comments.

The rules I will follow (because 365 posts itself is clearly not challenging):

  • Write one post every day, on the day… no writing ahead
  • “On the day”, defined as midnight-to-midnight wherever I happen to be at the time
  • The post will be about the most interesting thing1 of the preceding 24 hours to the best of my ability

I will tag all posts in this series with “365”. If I have some trouble getting started, I reserve the right to start counting 365 days once I get the routine going (no later than August).

What’s in it for you? … who knows…
What’s in it for me? … a blog… and dinner, most definitely a fancy dinner to celebrate. I might even blog it.


1. Offer limited to events as available in LifeTM. No warranty will be given as to actual interesting-ness of available events. Author will not be liable for any boredom or ennui ensuing from the reading of said posts by any ReaderTM.

3 thoughts on “365”

  1. I look forward to hearing more.
    Now the money…bottle of red if you manage the next thirty days. 🙂

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