Day 2 – Regali Dolci

I still have the after-effects of Rhino-whatsit-virus, which has now morphed into an annoying cold. It makes my brain feel like cotton wool. Sufficiently so that I headed home early from work to have a lie down.

I probably should not have come in, but my e-mail gets lonely without me.

That could have easily been the most riveting part of my day.

Regali Dolci - Gelato
Regali Dolci – Gelato

Luckily for the blog, there was a birthday for me to sniffle my way through. The local town centre is actually quite pleasant on a Thursday night, with a few pretty decent restaurants on the main road.

So dinner was Tapas.

And dessert was Gelato.

Meaning that the most interesting part of my day today was the consumption of one scoop of Rum & Raisin and one scoop of Hazelnut.

And now, I have a date with a tissue box!