Day 3 – Seeing RED

Last weekend I saw World War Zee at the cinema. Now, before anyone reads me my own rules, yes, last weekend is well before the 24 hour window I have allowed myself.

Bear with me.

I often do not find the trailers before a movie very convincing one way or another. Scratch that… most often it clarifies a whole bunch of movies I should not go see.

This time I was lucky; there were two good trailers.

First one is for Now You See Me, which looks like a fun cross between Ocean’s Eleven and The Prestige. I cannot say much more about that until I have a chance to actually see it when it is out.

Second one is for RED 2, which my friend immediately recognised as such. He was trying to recommend I watch RED, which I had not seen before, but that soon became a moot point.


DAME HELEN F&*$%NG MIRREN casually dissolving a body in a bathtub while chatting to Bruce Willis. Followed a few shots later by a car chase where she wields double handguns out of opposite sides of a spinning vehicle. I HAVE TO SEE THIS.

Also, I have to see RED!

Which is exactly what I did tonight.

It’s a story of CIA operatives, cowardly Vice Presidents and obvious Villains. Nothing particularly special about the plot, except that it totally doesn’t take itself seriously.

This is an action movie filled with the most improbable moves and gun shots, taken so casually and with a big wink to the audience that there are times it is hard to contain a giggle.


I’m glad I watched this.

Very glad.

And now I’m sad I have to wait till RED 2 is out, because I have to watch that too.

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  1. I know… the only improvement I hope for RED 2 is a less obvious plot,… because I really cannot fault anything else about it.

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