Day 4 – My Name Is…

I had a very lazy very boring day today… so prepare to be under-whelmed!

Besides a coffee to start the day around noon, and a lot of time wasted browsing around the Internet, and then some TV to cap off the day, the only thing worth mentioning is that I spent some time looking at sites that do business cards.

Every once in a blue moon I consider getting business cards for my online identity.

What could be more boring than outdated, white card-stock, black lettering in unimaginative fonts, and cliché timid centre-alignment business cards?!

No, not for me either, thanks.

The desire to do something with business cards was probably sparked by a story I read years ago about Steve Wozniak’s awesome metal business cards.


It turns out that there are myriad companies on the web these days that provide interesting options, such as: paper/plastic/wood/metal as base materials, glossy highlights, embossing, metal foil, die-cutting shapes, and more.

The header image has a set of 3-ply wooden business cards by Jukebox Print.

The image just above shows a gold foil lettering detail on card stock by Umax Print.

And the ever-popular Moo Print plan cards with an NFC chip in the near future.

I keep looking at all the options, and wanting to combine all the cool options into a single design against the better judgement of my design instinct. If I ever go through with it I’m sure I’ll manage to tie that demon up and stick to something classy and understated.

In reality my cards do not need to contain a lot.

Just “JerryJvL” will do in fact.

You see, I’ve managed to grab that username on all the major web-based services; on the first 10 pages of Google search results, all but about a dozen refer to me.

What could be better than a business card with nothing more than 8 letters on it?

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