Checklist for Today

  1. Shower
  2. Quick groceries run
  3. Get a coffee
  4. Put on load of laundry
  5. Listen to Nerdist while vacuuming the house
  6. Clean the litter tray
  7. Mop the floors
  8. Hang out laundry
  9. Put on another load of laundry
  10. Trim hedges
  11. Have another shower
  12. Hang out laundry
  13. Maybe walk to get another coffee
  14. Do some work and email comments as promised
  15. Play some Binding of Isaac (addicted!)
  16. Iron shirts while watching an episode of Poirot
  17. Panic about writing about something interesting for day 5

9 thoughts on “Checklist for Today”

  1. Little break… I guess next is either 5b: vacuum other half of house, 7c: more dusting, or 10… I’m totally looking forward to 13 and 15.

  2. Okay, so 10, 11 and then 13-16 yet to do… this is hard work! … first inserting 9.5: have another sandwich.

  3. I kinda might have jumped to 15 a little bit before it’s turn… on the upside, only 14 and 16 are left to do!

  4. Well, that’s technically all done. There are some more shirts left, and there is still some Poirot to watch. 17 items was clearly on the ambitious side. I need a weekend off now!

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