Day 12 – Birthday Present

Today I got the present that will be with me almost 24×7 for the rest of my blogging challenge. Meet Flex! My new FitBit companion.

Over the coming weeks you might see posts appear on Facebook boasting about steps and challenges and distances. Unless it gets too annoying I want to leave the announcements turned on to see what exactly it decides to tell all my friends about my exercise regimen.

FitBit Dashboard
FitBit Dashboard

I haven’t set up my profile yet, but I like the at-a-glance-overview it gives me. I’m a little sad that they do not have an Australian food database yet, but I guess I will just have to build up a library of the cappuccinos, Thai meals and Sushi that I most often consume, so that I can just copy-and-paste my own meals into my tracker.

Next: getting the FitBit Aria scales so the weight and body-fat graphs start updating! There is something alluring about the idea of automated casual measuring of my health stats, because I know how haphazard I get when I have to actually… like… do something to capture all this stuff. 😉

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