Day 14 – Blatant Bribery

I believe every once in a while, people need a little pick-me-up. Low blood-sugar. Low endorphins. Low whatchamacallit.

I started very simply with keeping a few candy bars in my drawer for when a co-worker looked like they needed something to keep going. And then it got a little bit out of hand…

Middle Drawer
Middle Drawer

So, I clear out my middle drawer… who needs spare chopsticks, monitor cables and old paper notes anyway!?

Out with the crap, in with a wide range of candy bars. I keep an eye out at the supermarket for the $1 specials, and I buy them in bulk. My stock is biased towards specials. Sometimes there are no Kit-Kat bars at all.

Then people start showing up with $1 coins to reimburse me for chocolate bars.

Then people start showing up with $4 in coins, buying multiple bars.

Then I start getting requests for bars that aren’t even in the drawer.

This all came to a head when the vending machine in the kitchen died and there were apparently scenes in my absence of people haggling with my developers over whether it would be okay to take a bar in my absence. I think it got likened to stealing a car for a joy-ride. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of the chocolate bar getting returned after use!? :/

Next, I discover that bulk small candy bars are actually not badly priced either when on special… so I clear out my top drawer… who needs receipts, pens and markers anyway?

Bottom Drawer
Bottom Drawer

Now I find myself with a completely improved set of drawers. Who needs business folders, spare notebooks or tissues anyway? Candy is where it’s at!

Level 1: Small candy bars for small appetites; about 4 to $1.

Level 2: Regular candy bars; about $1 each.

Level 3: Red Rock Deli chips, small packets; about 65 cents each…

I still need to improve the range and cost of Level 3, but at least I have all the basic programmer food-groups covered.

This is what good management is about, right?

6 thoughts on “Day 14 – Blatant Bribery”

  1. Just wondering how that vending machine just happened to break around the same time. Hmmmmmm….

    1. I have an unreliable report from someone that an inappropriate coin might have been used. This may just be myth though.

  2. So we have an international conspiracy (Fijian-Canadian-Dutch-Australian), and some murky finance stuff going on here I gather.

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