Day 15 – Dominion Over All

I have only just pushed my friend out of the door, and I have a very small window to get a post up, so this’ll be a short first post followed by a longer photo-rapportage. (I just cannot photo-edit fast enough to integrate it all into a quick post… I can type pretty quickly though)

Tonight as almost all Wednesday nights, we had a friend over (usually there is a few more takers) for snacks, dinner and board games. Dinner was a bit light-on, but that’s because the snacks were heavy.

Abbey had to bake tonight, so it was a game for two. Dominion seemed like a good option because it involves relatively limited direct interaction between players and lends itself well to any number of players.

I won one, and Ken won one.

I enjoyed both though.

Now on to photos to share. Hold on for another post shortly!