Day 20 – Work Travel

This week I travel for Work. Half my team is interstate, so once a month I go for three days of face-to-face time. It’s a brief but hectic trip, but I’ve got the process down to an art-form now.

Monday Morning:

  • Email request for Cabcharges down to reception
  • Print hotel booking and travel booking papers
  • Go to online plane check-in, and print boarding pass
  • Pick up Cabcharges from reception

Then I switch back to the routine of the day; meeting, emails, meeting, meeting, lunch, delegate, meeting, home.

Monday Evening:

  • Eat dinner
  • Pick jeans, t-shirts, underwear, socks, pack backpack
  • Pick shirts, pack garment bag

The rest of my evening, I spend just doing whatever… although tonight I might have some more work-stuff to look at. Then, sleep, wake, and…

Tuesday Morning:

  • Gather all devices, pack Crumpler
  • Gather toiletries, fill up backpack
  • Put everything in a pile for the evening

Then another day of work; meeting, emails, delegate, lunch, meeting, meeting, home. Somewhere along the way I order my 5pm taxi, so it is ready and waiting when I get home.

Grab all the bags, dash for the airport.

Tickets; office printer needs a service

Somewhere around 9pm I walk into my hotel with enough time left to prepare for Wednesday at work. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday never look busy when I leave, but within no time my calendar fills up. It’s like a three-day meeting marathon.

And around 8pm Friday I will be back home, over-ready for a weekend.

I’m considering tacking a Monday onto my weekend. I feel a little stretched already and an interstate trip never helps much with that. Last thing anyone needs is for me to get sick again.

This time around I’ll have my FitBit Flex though to analyse afterwards whether my sleep is any good while I’m away.