Day 21 – Melbourne

I didn’t have the smoothest of flights this time around. No, not turbulence. Well, not in the typical sense of the word… it appears that perhaps somebodies IT systems are not as reliable as they should be.

In my rush to find the quickest way to make it to Melbourne, I totally forgot to take a picture of the queues. I walked straight past the snaking queues in the terminal entrance; there were easily thousands of people in various queues that did not seem to be moving.

I went through security and found the first gate with a near-empty Virgin desk and briefly spoke to a very helpful staffer who directed me to Gate 45 where the Service Desk is. I dutifully followed instructions… and still found myself in a queue with at least 60-70 people in front of me, and it was barely moving.

Not My Original Ticket
Not My Original Ticket

A quick call to the corporate booking agent later though, and they had my original ticket cancelled. I was to take an alternate flight with Qantas. So, from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 I dashed. I arrived with a few minutes to spare before boarding.

After all that I found my way to Melbourne on the same schedule that I had originally planned for, albeit quite a bit sweatier than intended. I’m sure when I get back home my FitBit will have a great story to tell about today.

It also briefly tickled me to think how many stairs one of the FitBits with the altimeters built-in might have thought I had taken after flying. That must easily equate to several weeks’ worth of calories in stair-climbing. Alas, mine doesn’t track that, so I’ll have to limit myself to real exercise only.

My Room on the Corner
My Room on the Corner

Whenever I arrive in Melbourne, I go on a quick shopping trip. I normally don’t find time to have dinner before I get all the way here. From the moment I leave the office at 4pm, get home and ready for the taxi by 5pm, and then taxi-plane-taxi to the hotel, it’s around 9pm and I’m usually starving.

I cannot say that I make the best dinner choices in this state *coughcideranddonutscough*, but once a month after 5 hours of rushing about, I really have little willpower left to do the right thing.

Above is a picture of my room this time around, as seen from street-level outside. One of my evenings this week I’ll blog a post about the hotel, because it has a very quirky out-of-time feel. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to encounter the TARDIS in one of its rooms.

Stow-away Cookies
Stow-away Cookies

And as a final note; it appears someone might have tampered with my luggage between the time I packed it, and when I arrived here because I have no knowledge of the package shown above at all. I will not vouch for the contents (other than to say: nomnomnom).

And now I must go do a little work before I go sleep.

I may have to head in for an 8am start as well! *shudder*

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