Day 28 – All Work and No Play…

I have no time for frivolity tonight… well, except for a quick bit of TV whilst having dinner and reading through some documents. Tonight I have to do some major prep-work for tomorrow.

I have a long meeting tomorrow morning with our help-desk to hear about their plans. They provided me with the documents I read earlier. I’m still not sure I approve of the noun “Learnings”, but I guess after using the words “Synergy” and “Value-add” more than occasionally myself lately, I guess I shouldn’t cast too many stones lest my beautiful glass house shatters.

Still… *grrr*

And now I’m back at my desk, facing some planning for a two short presentations I will be doing tomorrow. I have had the outline of my topics ready for some time. And I found the tools I need over the weekend.

I just need to flesh out the information that I need to get across and then time whether I can get through each of my topics within 10 minutes. I think it will be a case of ruthless cutting down to the bare-bones essentials.

Anyway; that work won’t do itself, so here I go!

5 thoughts on “Day 28 – All Work and No Play…”

  1. The team is preparing. Eggs, check. Tomatoes, check. Rotten fruit, check. Ready for the presentations.

    1. More fool you; it’s an online presentation, so you’ll just end up having to clean your own screen again afterwards!

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