Day 30 – Busy Schedule

Today was one of those days…

7am: The alarm on my phone goes off; usually that means I wake up and catch up on my news-feeds while waiting for the FitBit to also decide to wake me. I haven’t been sleeping so well, so I decide to sleep for that extra half hour this morning.

7.30am: The alarm on my FitBit goes off. I tap madly on my bracelet till it stops buzzing. I consider reading my news-feeds. I close my eyes while trying to steel myself to wake up… and fall back asleep again.

8am: I roll over and realise I have a meeting at 10am that I really do not want to miss. I spend another 15 minutes contemplating the day before I actually decide to wake up.

8.15am: Shower, scales, dress. Then I login to my FitBit account and check how I slept… only to realise my mad tapping apparently didn’t register as a wake-up. I wake up the bracelet anyway and adjust my sleep time in the dashboard. Still only 6.5 hours at best; I don’t seem to sleep anywhere near as much as I always think. I consider making my lunch to take, but I’m in a bit of a rush by now, so I’ll just buy my lunch today.

9am: Time to drive to work, with time for a brief stop along the way at Michel’s to get myself a cappuccino. I decide to be good and have myself a decaf.

9.30am: I arrive at work with enough time to spare for some quick prep for my first meeting. I need to get some sizing details for Atlassian products so that I know what I’m talking about in my Confluence meeting.

10am: I have a meeting to discuss migration onto a more reliable server platform for our Confluence installation. The slot I have set aside is an hour-long, but after about 20 minutes it’s clear we’re on the same page. After finishing the meeting I spend another 15 minutes carefully writing an email to set up the needed actions for the migration. And just enough time to prepare for my next meeting.

11am: A quick meeting to discuss raising a project to do some investigative work on one of our systems. I still have to chase the rest of the invitees separately; some days the world conspires against meetings like these and nobody can turn up. Still, progress is progress, even when it isn’t complete.

11.30am: Between interruptions I start preparing my daily noon catch-up; it is essentially a Scrum meeting without the label.

12pm: At 7 minutes today’s wasn’t the most compact ever, but not far off… I think one time I managed to wrap it up in 5 minutes. Still striving for a new personal best, but there’s just always all this… Stuff!

12.10pm: My next meeting is at 12:30, and looking at the rest of the day, if I do not dash for lunch now, I may not get lunch at all. A quick trip to the local shopping centre and I return with my Sushi; grilled salmon pieces and a vegetable tempura roll.

12.30pm: An online meeting with one of the developers to answer any questions about the presentation he will do next week on Wednesday. Mainly focused on the recording tools, but I hope my suggestions about how to present the content will be some help as well.

13pm: This half hour completely escapes me now. I must have been busy because I was trying to finish something before rushing into my next meeting.

13.30pm: Our weekly Development Managers meeting starting with an hour for security related matters. This was a very long meeting all up, taking close on four hours. But I don’t think we wasted any time along the way, which is a scary thought. By the end I have unfortunately managed to both cancel my gym plans and take Panadol for a building headache. One of these days I’ll get back to the gym again I’m sure!

17.30pm: I leave for home again. Another stop at Michel’s on the way home. Another decaf. After winding down, we have left-overs of last nights’ dinner over Breaking Bad… and now, this post. And then, soon, bed I think.