Day 57 – The Oddest Hotel

I had enough light this morning to get some good shots of the room that I am in. Some culling was necessary because I had of course not considered all the various mirrors and reflective surfaces in the room, and I doubt anyone out there is waiting for needless shirtless-Jerry pictures.

I think I have mentioned before how this may not be the most modern hotel, but it has an unmistakably interesting atmosphere. It suits me perfectly.

Upon arrival it isn’t entirely clear what you could expect from the hotel. The fountain at the front, and the look of the building try to breathe luxury and atmosphere. The international flags over the entrance scream out tacky and cheesy.

Once inside it luckily leans more towards classy, but in a slightly different era. From the rich red carpets running everywhere, through the solid furniture to the lighting in the hallways could all come out of an Agatha Christie novel if you ask me. Even the occasional sound of screeching trams curving through their iron tracks adds to the illusion.

But then you enter the rooms. And they have clearly been re-purposed from an earlier high-ceilinged life into new hotel-room duties. From the entrance there is a single step down to where the breakfast nook and kitchen are.

But straight ahead there are also four steps up to an intermediate level where the work desk, the coffee table and some comfortable seats are.

And once ready for bed, I need to avail myself of a whole other set of stairs leading to the bedroom/bathroom loft.

Yes, my room has 2 sets of internal stairs.

And then once you fall onto that bed, tired from a hard day worked, you’ll find yourself wondering who decided on the scalloped corrugated iron ceiling pattern. There is a floor right above, and it cannot possibly serve an actual purpose. But it’s the oddest architectural highlight to add to a room.

Still, it all adds to an odd kind of charm.

And a room that is needlessly luxurious for a single traveller.