Day 64 – Celebrating Two Months

I am now about two months into my 365 day journey. It hasn’t been as hard as I had feared, but on the other hand, I do think I need to make a slight adjustment to the unspoken part of the rules.

Rather than write boring posts on the days that nothing much interesting happens that I can share with the world, I’ll instead be trying for one really good photo to put up. When I have to take special steps to get the picture I put up, I might write a paragraph about that, but otherwise it’ll just be a picture… and the unwritten understanding will be that the most interesting thing that happened to me that day was the taking of the picture 😉

I don’t think I will be needing to do that too often, but it’ll save me some agonizing over topics, only to be followed by more agonizing over poor quality by my own standards.

Anyway, on to the topic for today.

The Making Of...
The Making Of…

About a month ago, Peter kindly made good on his bet against me making the one month mark with a very nice bottle of wine from South Africa. Today I made good on my counter that after another month of him reading and commenting, he’d get the display box back with something else inside. He didn’t seem as pleased to have the box back as I had anticipated…

And so I did.

And apparently the cookies even turned out edible. By the time I headed home, three had disappeared. I don’t know if Sarah reads any posts, but if she stumbles across this one: there were 13 cookies there before Peter had any.
Just so you know.

I guess it’s safe now to dig into the further batches at home. (Pro tip: when possible, always get someone else to eat your wares before you try them yourself)

I’m sure there are other regular readers, and if you care to, you can let me know who you are and I’ll do my best to get something appropriately rewarding your way as well.

One more month till the quarter-way mark.

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