Day 71 – Burning the Subway

Today wasn’t a Wednesday like any other.

Wednesdays like any other have more Ken in them in the evening. Unfortunately (for me) he is currently travelling around Asia having what he calls a “Holiday”; I’m not sure I am fully familiar with the word, but I gather it involves not going to work for extended periods of time.

So instead, I decided to walk.

I wasn’t too hungry yet after having improvised lunch at work which consisted of chocolate and chips because I had too many meetings to get away from my desk today. So, I resolved to park along the Stanhope Parkway once again and walk my way to the shops.

Subway Salad Components
Subway Salad Components

2000 steps each way.

I doubt that equates to the 6-inch Subway I had, but it’ll definitely have burned off a small part of it. And it helped me get a little closer to the 10k target for the day. I think I’ll stall around 8000, which is a good enough effort considering my job consists of sitting and moving numbers around.

I had the Italian B.M.T. (toasted of course), with not too much lettuce, and everything else (except jalapenos and carrot). Aside: who ever asks for carrot on their Subway sandwich anyway? Carrot doesn’t go with anything they serve.

It took me less than getting halfway back to my car before the sandwich was gone.

The evening was actually very comfortable for t-shirt and shorts tonight. And the stars were all out.

I was even treated to a loud chorus of frogs and crickets as I walked past the ponds. I briefly considered scaring the ducks, but then I remembered I was neither 2 years old nor particularly cruel.

And then…

Sad Rolls, Unwanted Along the Path.
Sad Rolls, Unwanted Along the Path

I came across my friend, the bag of rolls I photographed on my weekend walk along the Parkway. I didn’t get a very good shot, but I wasn’t too keen to interact with the bag to line up better light.

I wonder how long it’ll remain there… unmoved by the world around it.

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    1. That… is a very compelling idea. I just hope I won’t kill the ducks with 4-5 day fermented bread rolls of questionable provenance.

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