Day 77 – Where Does the Time Go?

I have started a new habit at work today.

Although my calendar tends towards the full, some meetings finish early, and others get cancelled at the last-minute, and there is some clear time among it all as well.

But it never seems like there is enough time to get everything that I think is important done. Continuous Improvement takes effort too.

I have decided that I’m going to try to track where all my time goes in the week so that I can figure out if there is a better way to spend it. Hard data trumps all.

I’ve gone completely low-tech (comparatively). I have my OneNote. I have created a tab for my time tracking. I create pages for each day, on which I drop a table that has a row for every 20 minute segment of the day. And then I just keep notes as I go along.

I didn’t want to go full-on 6-minute-slices because I’m not a lawyer. And half hours seems too coarse for your average interruption. So I settled on 20 minute slices.

And after a few weeks I’ll see what it tells me.