Day 92 – Makes J a Dull Boy

Red has swallowed my calendar. I colour code meetings based on their nature and importance, and red is pretty much the top of the pile. Nothing moves them.

I think this is the first time my calendar was booked solid before I even arrived in Melbourne. And that’s taking into account spending an extra day down here.

I’m not sure exactly what happened.

And today is not over yet. The office-portion of my workday ran from 9am till 5pm with a quick break for lunch. Now, the hotel-portion of my workday is still ongoing; I even had my dinner in my room. I think around 9pm I’m going to call it a day and move on to the Jerry-needs-to-relax-now portion of the day.

I am blaming the Development Department Planning Day for taking over my calendar. Basically I managed to pick up a charter that includes responsibility for the planning day. And I don’t like half measures. So I learned about SWOT analysis, and a process for planning out from Objectives down to Projects.

And tonight I am preparing my input into all this analysis so I can lead by example tomorrow. Maybe somebody else in the group will know how planning days work, but I’d rather not gamble on it.

Which means, I must make sure the only person I have direct control over (myself) is across this stuff.

And then second half of tomorrow and first half of Friday will be dedicated to a split-day-planning-day. Also done on purpose, because I imagine that about halfway through we’ll come to the conclusion that we finally understand how a planning day works, and not everything we’ve done up to that point is quite right. So, the break in-between the two halves will give everyone a chance to re-group and re-think.

I try to be prepared for any eventuality.
I should have been a boyscout.
(But maybe not, because I hate their organisational politics)

Anyway. That’s my evening; how is yours?