Day 93 – I’m Still Standing!

Today was a great first half to the planning day I mentioned yesterday. As much as it was looming a bit in my mind as it approached, the 4 hour block of solid meeting filled itself with a very fruitful conversation.

Our management group consists of both development managers and test managers, and there was a very good amount of back-and-forth over the strategic topics that we covered.

We started with a SWOT analysis covering a broad mix of feedback, risks and initiatives. Followed by grouping Weaknesses and Threats into thematic buckets to form our objectives. We ended up with three broad objectives and a clear idea of what our future-state on these needs to look like.

Tomorrow we’ll dig into the detail to get ties these to measurable goals and concrete projects. If that goes only half as well as the first half of our planning day I’ll call it a great success.

We also had The Architect come into our meeting to give some perspectives on the broad themes for our IT strategy, and within 30 minutes we had a half dozen opportunities in that space to tie our own objectives to.

If all the above sounds very abstract to you; basically we’ve looked at what we do well, and what we do poorly, and then tried to map out the big targets with the biggest pay-offs to start turning our weaknesses into strengths over the coming year. And tomorrow we will turn all that into the actual on-the-ground action to take towards those targets.

Also… the whiteboard was brilliant.

I had never worked on a glass-surface whiteboard before, but the sheer joy of using an eraser and have the marker come off effortlessly! … I could have enjoyed wiping the whole plan off the board again. (But I refrained!)

This is all very tiring work though. My brain feels flat, so now it’s time to recharge for our next 4 hours starting at 9am tomorrow.

I have to remember to print my boarding pass and say bye to my team before I go into the session, because odds are I’ll be off to the airport almost immediately after.

One thought on “Day 93 – I’m Still Standing!”

  1. I should add… the most challenging part of today was standing for 4 hours with a whiteboard marker in my hand, whilst making facilitating a process that I was totally unfamiliar with previously look as effortless as I could.

    I think I’ll count it as my exercise for the day.

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