Day 108 – Cycling, Bad with Pizza

Today felt very slow at work; I think my brain just wasn’t really in it. Luckily, I had a task that matched that level of mental energy sufficiently that it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. PowerPoint was my friend.

I decided to have a coffee before going to the gym to try and perk up a bit. I’m not sure if it worked, but I also hear that it does good things for circulation and makes cardio exercise more intense when had before. (Similarly, it apparently aids recovery afterwards… so ideally you should have two coffees surrounding your cardio class. Note: not medical advice!)

Then on the way home I went via Crust to pick up some dinner.

If you have never had Crust before, you really should try it sometime.

Tonight I had the chilli/basil squares for starters, which were tangy and zesty in just the perfect proportions to entice me to eat more than I should. And the every-meat-under-the-sun pizza was similarly leading to over-indulgence. I’m sure the scales will tell me the damage tomorrow.

And then… Breaking Bad.
To the end of Season 4.
Gus… just… you know.

I love the visual qualities of the show, and the theatre of it all. It has a very strong cartoon/Batman/western vibe about it. The way the bad guys get shot (in all senses of the word), the colours, the composition of the scenes. It all has a larger-than-life quality to it, whilst at the same time seeming so grounded and plausible.

It’s a magnificent work of art so far.

And now I’m just sitting at my PC… semi-comatose from food and entertainment. I think I might go read shortly. Or at least, stare at my Kindle and pretend I’m doing more than staring through the words.