Day 114 – Highly Entertaining

I had to bail on my gym class tonight. My head was pounding about three tracks in despite the Panadol that Peter kindly donated to my cause around 4pm. I did a little cool-down on the treadmill to get some steps in, but I still didn’t feel quite right about it all.

Got a coffee on the way home.

Forgot the shopping.

You know, the usual.

Upon arriving home it becomes clear quickly that I’ll have to fend for myself tonight, so I decide to kill about three birds with one stone.

But What to Buy?!
But What to Buy?!

I have to get dinner anyway, so I may as well go window-shopping along the way. Whenever I am near a JB Hi-Fi, I just have to go in to see if there are any cheap BluRay movies/series that I must have. Nothing there tonight.

But I’ve also been looking to replace my entertainment solution in the living room. Currently I have a PC running the TV, and a Pioneer amplifier that I’ve had for about forever*.

I’ve settled on a solution where a QNAP NAS becomes my media server somewhere on the network, and I’ll get something-DLNA in the living room to stream all the movies/shows/music. As well as a dedicated BluRay player for sheer convenience.

Harman Kardon, with All The Connectors!
Harman Kardon, with All The Connectors!

I had looked at a Harman Kardon amplifier with a network port that can stream media. I decided to have a look at it In Real Life. I almost waved over staff to find out whether there was a deal to be had. But instead I walked away without it. I’m sure had I decided to ask for a deal, I’d probably have walked out with an amp.

But I kinda decided that I really should first find some form of Region-Free BluRay player. None of the JB models claimed this spec. I’ll probably buy a cheapie from Kogan online, and if it breaks I can re-evaluate then.

After all that, I wandered around a bit longer. The evening temperature was actually very nice out there, and there were a lot of people out and about enjoying it. I should have dragged someone along for an excuse to stay out longer, but alas… next time.

I also tried another few stores for the dark double-coat Cherry Ripe.

I have no idea what has happened to them, but nowhere seems to stock them anymore.

I hope they haven’t been discontinued.

Slightly dismayed I drove off forgetting my shopping and dinner. Which I fixed by swinging by Stanhope on the way home. I had a healthy** burger, and some kitty litter***, and headed home.

And now I’m contemplating more Panadol and an early night.
It’ll probably be another few hours before I actually do though.

* – Forever = <10 years
** – Okay, maybe health-ish … I mean, it had lettuce and a bun, right? And whatever that Oprego sauce is, bound to be dairy**** in that
*** – Not for the eats… I have very demanding owners that send me out shopping for their toilet
**** – I’m just wildly guessing here

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    1. Sometimes it helps, but usually it doesn’t. Sometimes something about the exercise seems to make the headache dissipate for me. But when it doesn’t, as you say, it’s just bad bad bad. 🙂

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