Day 119 – Prepping Meetings

Tonight I am preparing for something new in my management routine. Or rather, modifying something existing to try and make it more effective.

I’ve been listening to Manager Tools, and they very heartily recommend a weekly meeting with a very specific structure. So I’ve scheduled all my meetings on the middle day of the week and I’m trying to take some notes beforehand about what I want to talk about.

The podcast suggests that Thursday is the ideal day, but they do not quite explain why, other than not to make it the start or the very end of the week. For one thing my Thursday is already taken.

For another, I like the idea of putting this meeting in the middle of the week because on the one hand it leaves enough time for direct reports to remember what they were doing after coming back from the weekend, on the other there is enough time left in the week to actually do something substantive with any feedback that might come out of the session.

I have no idea what to expect.

The timing worked out interestingly too, because this first time around I am actually in Melbourne, so my otherwise-local-developers will start off remote, and my remote developers local.

It’s one big experiment!

Back to preparing notes now 🙂