Day 120 – Meeting

There’s nothing like 4 attempts at doing the same new thing in a single day. I don’t feel I was very consistent from one to the other, but they were all variations on a general theme. And I think I have some ideas of what I should be taking into the meeting myself.

I’m a big fan of taking notes collaboratively.

I would like to use a OneNote document in a location the direct reports and myself share, so I can create a new page for each weekly meeting and have a separate tab to track outstanding action items and future plans. Unfortunately a slight technical difficulty is preventing me from doing so. According to SharePoint, OneNote documents aren’t quite like any other document. Who knew?

For now, I am using Lync to screen-share an email with the developer, and then I type up the notes as I go along. No hidden agendas, and we both keep a copy of the notes afterwards. It also means that the notes to share are typed up right at the end of the meeting, because I write them as we go along.

I really recommend always keeping meeting notes as you go along and emailing them out straight afterwards. Notes that need to be “typed up later, and I’ll get them to you ASAP” have this habit of ending up on the back-burner, and the backlog just nags at my sense of what I should be doing. It’s less mental effort to do it along the way and then be done as soon as the meeting finishes.

The content needs some tweaking. I figured out different things that I should be asking everyone in each subsequent meeting. I’m keeping notes on these points so that I can be better about that in future meetings.

I also need to see if I can book a room for the not-me side of the meeting. I don’t mind taking frankly wherever I happen to sit, but I really want to be able to give everyone the opportunity to have privacy if needed. Anything to minimise barriers and discomfort.

Also, I’m wondering whether I should arrange similar weekly meetings with my direct business customers. I think the format and structure have something to offer to keep in touch with business needs and keep them informed of what is going on. I might go gauge interest tomorrow.

Now it’s the end of a very full day though, and all other thoughts can wait till tomorrow.