Day 121 – Try Science!

Today I found myself trying to explain a potential budgeting issue due to non-transitive aspects to skill-to-project mappings. I was attempting a conceptual explanation, but I’m not sure it connected. I think I should do a numerical example to illustrate the point I was trying to make.

It occurs to me though that this might lend itself to a good blog post. I just need to figure out how to set it up and then explain in a way that is more generally applicable.

Courtesy of xkcd, Try Science!
Courtesy of xkcd, Try Science!

I think science is a great tool.

Maybe not so much to get a final answer for a management problem, because the soft skills are just hard to quantify numerically. But I think there are mathematical and scientific tools that could fit in a management tool-belt to assess some of the situations I’ve already run into myself.

Explaining these in the moment is hard.
I never feel prepared enough.

I really enjoyed writing the post exploring contract resourcing, and I think I might want to do more in that same vein.

An occasional series of posts with concrete examples and, where applicable, formulas so that the next time I need to explore the limits to certain problems or explain what is possible, I have some read-made “tutorials” to draw upon.

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