Day 122 – Flying

Time has flown; I cannot believe I’m a third of the way through the year already. It’s remarkable how much writing every day has become second nature. Except for one case where I nearly forgot, the day just feels incomplete until I get my post in.

Maybe this qualifies as an addiction?

It has been tricky at times working around the self-imposed limits on the challenge. It’s amazing how much having a life gets in the way of a serious commitment like this! Especially Wednesdays have been tough at times; when visiting Ken for Wednesday I either need to rush out between returning home from work and heading to his place, or rush out a post after getting home, but before the clock strikes midnight. (Mental note: get a clock that can actually strike midnight to increase impact of that last statement).

As I indicated earlier, I’ll ease up a bit on the allowable subject material for my posts. I’m not quite ready to give up on a daily routine yet, but at some point I’m sure I’ll cave and allow myself to write a few posts ahead of time.

My biggest fear right now is getting felled by a disease. If at any point the posts prove barely coherent it is safe to assume that I’ve crawled to the study with a fever and am resting my head on the wrist-rest of my keyboard while my hands try to touch-type overhead.

Yes. I am *that* stubborn.
No. I’m not kidding.


What I had intended to write a brief post about instead was my flight home from Melbourne tonight. It always amazes me when flights are relatively smooth with these kinds of storms overhead.

When the plane start shaking I keep waiting for that roller-coaster moment where my stomach is between my ears.

On a side-note; if you ever are in a very bumpy flight (or on a roller-coaster), the way to reduce that feeling is to breathe in deeply and hold it in. This actually packs in your internal organs, because that sensation apparently comes from your organs literally floating around freely. I’ve had occasion to try this once or twice, and it actually works.

Although this afternoon the flight attendant that was sitting next to me made noises that sounded like a roller-coaster moment and I was fine, so maybe regular Pilates helps as well as an alternative. YMMV.

To get back to my point again, the flight was smooth. It got very shaky close to the ground due to some cross-winds I suspect. I was ready for a very tough bump back into the earth, but the pilot landed the plane expertly. It’s an odd mix of relief and disappointment when that happens; on the one hand I want to congratulate the pilot on a job well done, however it is inherently disappointing when you think it’s going to be a wild one and nothing happens.

Bread and circuses.
I guess it’s wired into our brains against our own best interests.