Day 127 – Tell Me How To Cook

The YouTube idea from Day 125 has rattled around in my brain on-and-off since I wrote it. I have no idea if I’ll actually end up making it, but I want to do the groundwork regardless, Because Awesome.

So far, I need to…

Design an Intro Sequence

I don’t want to do a scene-for-scene copy of the Iron Chef intro, but I’d want something that very strongly evokes the odd and cheesy feel of it.

If you’ve never seen Iron Chef, you haven’t lived!

Research Recording Options

I already had a look around, and so far it seems like Logitech C920 is a strong candidate, but also the GoPro cameras seem like an ideal candidate, with the added benefit that they would lend themselves for all kinds of other out-and-about recordings as well.

But first I may have a try with the trusty Canon 6D to see what its HD looks like.

Maybe a trial run will prove that it really needs two cameras, in which case the 6D might be an ideal fixed-angle camera option, with a GoPro for a more flexible add-on.

I’m going to take this idea as an excuse to watch some Iron Chef episodes over the coming weeks and perhaps some other cooking shows to get an idea of what shots are important to get right.

Build a Secret Ingredient Wheel

I cannot surprise myself with a secret ingredient, so I’m going to have to write an app of some sort to randomly generate challenges. As well as the name for the dish(es) as per my original post.

I think the set-up I want consists of the following parts:

  • A random-ingredient picker, which I might be able to populate from an online database somewhere… I’ll have to see what I can do to avoid the unfortunate possibility of cat food as the secret ingredient before we run with it
  • A dish name generator… I could build something Eliza-bot/markov-chain based to generate truly random names, but I’m more inclined to see if I can build a list of structural options from existing dish names and then fill in the blanks with random food-appropriate nouns and adjectives

How do we feel about “Wobbly Friand au Gratin” with the secret ingredient of “Banana“? (I have no idea either…)

Do a Private Trial Run

Finally I’ll need to do a private trial recording end-to-end, to iron out the gotcha’s. You never know all the things you should do, until you try, and fail.

  • How to set up shots so that I can hide the fact I don’t have a million-dollar-kitchen at my disposal
  • What shots I need to catch everything that I need when editing it together
  • How much time it takes to get from random challenge to finished product
  • How to trick my friends into sitting down to eat whatever comes out of this

Even if nothing more comes from this, I think it’ll be fun to do a trial run with the hardware already at my disposal. I’ve never tried to make anything that is YouTube-able.


The hardest part of all.

I’ll happily take suggestions.

What should it be called?!

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