Day 134 – Isn’t It Ironic?

It is looking ever more likely that there will at some point be a YouTube show featuring myself, a kitchen and some seriously outlandish cookery.

Tonight’s Wednesday didn’t involve a lot of board games. Instead Sin, Abbey and Ken got really into brain-storming with me. As a matter of fact, I’m going to have to be careful that my show doesn’t get co-opted by Sin and Abbey altogether.

I briefly stepped away to go to the toilet, and by the time I came back apparently I had gained a ring-master moustache; presumably for the purposes of opening credits only. And not that much later Sin and Abbey were standing in the kitchen gesturing directions for where ceiling-mounted rails will have to go to serve as camera fixtures.

I’m kinda hoping that I can manage a private trial and if that works maybe some episodes without making any serious alterations to my kitchen, tools or wardrobe.

The idea is a lot of fun though.

So far, I know:

  • “The Ironic Chef” is sadly taken… but I have other suggestions
  • There will be an over-the-top opening-credit sequence of some sort
  • There will be a secret ingredient
  • I’m ready for a challenge
  • Friends will come to eat/critique the results
  • We will needlessly dub the critique for comedic effect