Day 138 – Planning a Build

Today, a first attempt at video production. It’s a bit primitive; no audio. My goal was to find out the recording quality and whether I could get it through my available tools into a shape that would work on YouTube.

I’m going to build a gingerbread house based on a design for an actual house. So my first step was to print out the floor plan and exterior image so I can work out all the required baking.

The video below deconstructs the floor plan into a set of surfaces I will need. My next step will be to calculate all the dimensions for the various surfaces before cutting them out of cardboard as a template for the baking process.

As you can see, I’ve numbered all the surfaces as well. I don’t want to get my walls mixed up during construction.

3 thoughts on “Day 138 – Planning a Build”

  1. Quality of the video after all the processing leaves something to be desired. Will have to see what can be tweaked on YouTube, because my source material looks sharp as a tack throughout.

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