Gingerbread Inspiration

I was browsing for an image of a house in Google suited to Gingerbread construction, when inspiration struck. I should re-create a home design from a builder at Homeworld in gingerbread.

After a little browsing I have settled on this design:

Yanderra by Rawson Homes
Yanderra by Rawson Homes

The good thing about this is that there are several facades to choose from for my project, and the site comes with floor plans to help me get the dimensions right.

I do believe that Rawson should give me this house to help with this project.

2 thoughts on “Gingerbread Inspiration”

    1. I like ambitious goals… it leaves so much room to fail in interesting ways 😉

      I’m doing a video of the deconstruction of the plans first. And I hope to put the house together for the party we are having on the 14th with Ron and Carolyn (it was moved forward this year).

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