Day 139 – Squaffins and Stuff

I didn’t quite make 10k steps tonight, despite coming quite close. I’m blaming the class that didn’t show. Essentially I got a private class tonight because I was the only one there. On the upside I got personalised advice which was great.

I had warmed up quite extensively on the treadmill beforehand though, so I did get about 9k, which isn’t bad. And I got a squats challenge which I’m sure makes up for the remaining 1000 by the feel of it.

Cycle tomorrow.
I guess pacing myself is not a bad idea.

On the way home I discovered that it’s already December. The first I noticed is that everybody seems to be really into blue Christmas lights this year. I hope we get some nice decked out neighbourhoods so I can take the camera for a walk and capture the season in full glorious lighting.

Square Muffins apparently... isn't it obvious?
Square Muffins apparently… isn’t it obvious?

And then when I started writing this post, I learned that I’d never shared the above image from the gym. It really deserves its own post, but it’s too overdue for that now.

I felt really stupid when the response was “They are Square Muffins”. But I’m not entirely sure I should have been able to guess. It seems both obvious and insane at the same time. Which is all the more reason I should have gotten it myself.