Day 152 – Tasty Bacon Numbers

Yesterday I discovered one of my cousins will be appearing as an extra in a movie. I do not recall the movie now, but that’s not nearly as important as some of the details surrounding her day on-set.

Apparently she had the good fortune of spending the day around Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. Moreover, she had time to have friendly conversation with Pierce. Or Uncle Pierce as I will from now on call him. He’s family now…

More interestingly, a quick consultation of The Oracle Of Bacon confirms that both Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan have 2 as their Bacon Number.

Aside: for those unfamiliar with the term Bacon Number, and its definition; it’s a six-degrees-of-separation variant which connects actors back to Kevin Bacon through movies they appear in together. So Kevin himself has Bacon Number 0, Pierce Brosnan has Bacon Number 2, and my cousin now has Bacon Number 3.

All that separates me from an undefined Bacon Number and a very respectable 4 is shooting an episode of my yet-to-be-named/conceived/started YouTube cooking show with my cousin in it.

You may now bow to me.

Interestingly, it turns out that Bacon Numbers go higher than the original six-degrees-of-separation limit; probably because it requires being in a movie together. Wikipedia suggests that the highest defined Bacon Number is now 9, meaning that there are actors/actresses whose shortest connecting path to Kevin Bacon is 9 steps long. Furthermore, apparently about 12% of actors have an undefined Bacon Number.

I wonder if I should put this on my résumé?