Day 157 – Dry’n’Tame

It’s the perfect park for the over-excited and overly excitable. It’s where you go when you have All The Feels, and can really only cope with 1 or maybe 2. It’s remarkable full on a Friday evening.

My timing wasn’t too great. I did consider the weather, but I hadn’t realised what impact a storm has on a water park. Apparently when there is lightning sufficiently close by they cannot run the slides or let anyone in the water. I feel sorry for the kids that arrived at the park when I did… it must have been a disappointing evening for them.

I was there to have a first look around. I have a Gold Pass membership to last me all season. I have some time to get the most out of it.

The first thing that struck me is how many kids there were after 8pm. I guess I hadn’t counted on the effect a 40 degree Friday evening might have on parents. I guess weekdays and/or Sunday nights might be quieter due to any parents that might have to go (back) to work the next day.

The second thing that struck me is that is appears to be a bit of a night-life spot as well for the younger age brackets. Again, Friday night being the key factor there I guess?

The third thing that struck me was still not lightning. It was the cabanas for rent. They have televisions in them. What kind of sad person buys access to 1 – a water park, 2 – a cabana, only to sit down on an uncomfortable lounge to watch a television at the pool?

I mean… my plan to use the lawns/seats at the wave pool to perhaps do some Kindle reading through the summer isn’t exactly what the park is for either, but seriously… television?

Having said all that, I had a good time walking and looking around though. It looks like fun when the weather doesn’t intervene. And at night they have coloured looping lights everywhere in-sync with the music that blasts everywhere too. I made all my steps for the day.

And I had a shower. Which is more of a luxury than you might imagine when one’s bathroom is in renovation.

I’ll try again soon.
I might even touch water* next time.

* I’m not counting the shower.