Day 166 – Slightly Crispy

The holiday season definitely is a time to let out all the bad habits.

My scales aren’t as happy with me as they should be. Christmas has caused me to gain a kilo that I really didn’t want back. But it was completely worth it.

I am a little concerned over how much chocolate is still sitting around tempting me. On the one hand I just want to go and eat it all and have it be over. On the other, I’m challenging myself to spread out the eating to avoid the worst side-effects of a chocolate overdose. I’m really not sure if one approach or the other is particularly better.

Today, I added skin-abuse to the mix. I was in the sun. With my 50+ sunscreen on. And completely distracted from re-applying.

I’m a little red and crispy in places, but thankfully not too badly on the inside of elbows or backs of knees. Those are the worst. I’m telling myself I’ll be more careful through the rest of summer, but even I do not believe myself.

I will try though. Back to the health regimen.