Day 184 – It’s Electrifying!

We were out at Rouse Hill for dinner.
Trying to park.

“Ah, look, there’s a spot!”
“No, it’s a handicapped spot”
“Doesn’t look like it…”

Where the Volts Go
Where the Volts Go

I had never seen one of these before, and I kinda like the pictogram for electric-car-spots,… assuming this is the official one. There were two spots and not that far from the access to the shops either; it’s good to see this is treated somewhat preferentially even though I have no electric car myself.

I am not sure how the payment is supposed to work…

Make Me Pay...
Make Me Pay…

…but it looks like there is some kind of electronic key involved to get access to the power, so I assume that would be linked to a unique identity and payment system of some sort. I like the simplicity of the solution.

The only way this would be better is if there had been a car in one of the spots.

Maybe another time.

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